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About perlDreamer

Founded in 2006, perlDreamer Consulting, LLC is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, although our clientelle includes both domestic and international customers.  Our passion for good, clean code translates into satisfied customers, no matter the project.

Our founder and lead coder, Colin Kuskie, has extensive experience in perl programming which dates back to 1993.  He has donated countless hours to open source projects, particularly the WebGUI Content Management System.

He began using WebGUI in 2003 while he was the webmaster for Sunset Presbyterian Church, an experience he wrote about in  Soon, he was updating the online documentation, and then, working on the core code for WebGUI itself, fixing bugs, implementing new features, and doing light weight contracting.

Colin began speaking at the WebGUI User's Conferences in 2005, talking about topics as diverse as writing automated tests, understanding and becoming part of the WebGUI community, and common perl programming mistakes.  He won the WebGUI Contributor of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

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