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About WebGUI

WebGUI is a Content Management System, or CMS, which is a fancy term for software which sits on a webserver and helps you make websites.  This is a small sample of the things WebGUI can do today:

  • arrange text and images on a page
  • organize pages in a website
  • automated navigations
  • forums
  • blogs
  • photo galleries
  • user and group management
  • online shopping with credit-card payments
  • conference organizing
  • version control of content
  • automated workflows


WebGUI is Free Software.  That's right.  Free.  You can download WebGUI right now and start using it on your own webserver.  If that seems a little daunting to you, there are several companies who will host your copy of WebGUI for you.  It's also free in the sense of freedom.  You may use the software for any purpose.  You can make changes to it, share it, and even redistribute it. This comes from the license under which WebGUI is made available to the public, the GNU Public License.

Feel free to use the WebGUI Demo Server and try it out now.

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